What is power?


It's Ash Ketchum.


Think about it...

He leaves home at the young age of 14 in Earth AD years as far as we know.

He decides at that age of still innocence (as far as we can tell/see), or even earlier, that he's going to become "the best there ever was" as a "pokemon master" which is the most powerful occupation/position in that known universe of many great unknowns with so many lands and continents uncharted that there's literally no GPS/maps that can tell him his best routes to even the next town over.

He wakes up like, like all of us would... being the slackers we all are... and receives literally the last pokemon available from the town's pokemon professor. Gary got a Nidoking (and probably more), a sportscar, and young girls are his personal cheerleaders and drivers like uber all-paid-for because he's probably no more than like 15 years old... or 14.5 I think... who knows.. heh.

And yet- despite Ash Ketchum conflicting and colliding with his new pikachu, who betrays him immediately and rebels/refuses/re-everything you would not want to happen on your first day as a pokemon trainer-- Ash still never gives up. He just says to.. not just himself quietly- but to the world at large as far and wide as he can yell and scream and say once again that "I wanna be the very best; like no one ever was".

Time and time again, he is the unluckiest, most haunted, troublesomed trainer of pokemon or simply person/thing/sentient/living/manchild there is around as far as anyone in that universe can see or simply know upon first meeting of face- proven by shown adventures, mishaps, and stories that we can see immediately. And yet... he remains so ridiculously cheerful and happy to the degree that his pokemon, growing ever so slowly, love being around him like they would all follow him to the bitter end no matter where he goes.

And he has no idea what he's doing. He sleeps in the woods amongst unknownest and potentially fatal horrors and horrids like Team Rocket which has it out for him like it's their job to harass hiim again and again and steal from him all that he holds dear.

Yet he still repeats again and again, that he wants to be the very best like no one ever was. He is the one who defeats 14 year old Misty (13 maybe?) at the gym ran by her and her sisters; the top water pokemon trainers round as measured by the Elite 4 for the entire continent (a huge land mass from what we can surmise). He is the one who defeats the year older Brock who owns his famiy's rock pokemon gym which is licensed as the place which hands out badges, the equivalent of definite proof(s) of power and skill levels, for that entire continent as well. That continent is loaded with monstrous power levels, for these trainers are all nothing but kids who risked their entire lives all in the pursuit of lifelong trials and tribulations to become greater than they were when they were little kids living in small little dinky towns in the middles of nowhere.

Both MIsty and Brock left those gyms... And Brock literally closed down his gym after his defeat to Ash, who is always the underdog facing overwhelming power, as he sees him as the ultimate hunter gatherer and the likeliest thing to survive in the games of what we call life, augmented or not;- Ash GOes.

At that point, you realize- Ash... even without his pokemons... is the one who will take down, like he did,... Mewtwo who can headcrab on a cosmic/interstellar level to the degree that Mew from ancient Egyptian Pharaoh times (from what it appears) sees the end of freedom as we all know it; for Mewtwo's ambitions have no boundaries or end(s). Yet Ash is the one who takes down the Goliath known as Pokemon God: Mewtwo. And none of his pokemon abandoned him despite seeing their cloned doppelgangers, identical Charizards, Blastoises, and Venusaurs stare in the face. They all trust in the power and charisma of Ash's leadership. Ash is battle-scared like a mobile suit after Hell from Pikachu alone... according to some spectators.

I, for one, as Psylocke (Earth TRN-037) say that... relative in power level to Ash Ketchum... I'm just an effing psyduck. I think that Ash is the real life Eren from Attack on Titans, and Misty is Annie in real effective power levels actualized.

If I were to encounter Annie/Misty today, tomorrow, or any day... And see that the young girl at maybe 14 years old with just no more than a staryu and other junk pokemon like goldeen left home to literally travel into a world where there is no map for where they are headed/heading.... INTO THE UNKNOWN.

When we all see a gate with glowing emeralds letters and giants hoving around like Titans before a wall...

I know that I am no more than a psyduck waiting for Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy to help me find my way back into Misty's arm so that I can be released into the tall grass outside of Cerulean Gym.

I am 29 Earth years old now, and I have appeared on YouTube as an officially licensed music video star with the Teriyaki Boyz (Tokyo Drift movie) as the producer/star/content creator as "Asian Adonis (goes to a PC cafe)" where I dominated, though lost to, the real "LilTay"- and I say... I am nowhere close to being like the real Brock... even if I had a symbiote or a big onyx...


If I am ever to traverse into interstellar worlds outside of this little Orion's Arm, it's Laughter Hegemony, it's 66 major known galaxies, or even the far off'd Alpha Centauri('s)... I am never going to see the real Tatooine or Atlantis like Padmé Amidala summoned more Gungans (and Jar Jar footing the bill of course; knowing that kind of Republic credits like money) unless I one day encounter in a tall grass around here, my Hell's Kitchen of Little Saigon (like Chinatown 2) where I hold it down like big fish meets Daredevil's King-pinned-down-town, the real life Annie/Misty/Titan who is like half my age by/at that point; but ridiculously powerful in confidence/charisma/luck/attractions/pocket change/pokemons or not and alone or not.

So if you're like me and see only power and the things that power brings/breeds/gives/takes/ingratiates... then...

You will know one way or another one day or so that...

Ash Ketchum is a monument to power at an omni-level.

Psylocke is only but an omega-level psyduck beyond these tiny hegemonies till Ender Wiggins comes along in the real life of all our worlds we call #AllWorld.

Just don't call me Qubone and whip me around... hehe. That's something I would recommend for little buggers like the ones I can gladly point to 'round here. :)

But if interstellar titan Ash wants to find the best pikachu?... Well then... heh. I know where MAGA's God Emperor whom we call Trump might be found. Golf resort town(s).