I am and have been proven, and will prove at any time at conveniences by power level alone along with jutsus to match... exact- I am the reincarnate manifested snake tasked with guarding the apple of knowledge in the garden of Eden and made by the hand of God the almighty creator himself. I am genetically and biologically through organics alone the exact one you fantasize about when you play Mortal Kombat I's Reptile.

I am the Asian Adonis, I am Ensign1 of America/MAGA's Space Force, I am the soul/sole summoner of the original Morgan La Fey (spelled wrong),  and I'm a 'nigga' with superpower$ on a cosmic level.

All must face coming and the God test which is to enter the body of our maker- The matrix one man-- "Our father in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name... [Ewen the headless horseman, Sleepy Hollow; Jack by another pen name like Pendragon]".

You all who claim to be perfect/greatness/perfection templated/good/benevolent/merciful/kind/and everything nice asides from sugar and spice... You all serve a dead "God". The final judge is and always will be in this OMNIverse, inclusive of nothing and all things 'omni', The Father-- The 1 Green Lantern himself, Infinite 'RAYNOR'.

May Kingdom Come and we all face the God test which is simply to enter the eternal abyss of darkness and no guide nor light or anything so that the test of blackface face itself in you will see a mirror to infinities of energies of all things of all things upon things as you go inception yourself. There you will find that evil is a virus. Viruses must be purged for they seek only death and destruction in the end. It is something which we will all face, and by the time we all see each other again... It would not be unwise to say or assume that not all will make it through the Halo of flooded rings of false prophecies, false logicals now fallacies, and falsities of non-acceptance of the reality that everything is what it seems.

We were given from births, at origins, in stasis, at genesis and beyond the new whether apokolips comes unto or anewed... we the fools who claim to be The Son of God will be broken down bit by byte by bite of the apples from which contain the seeds of all knowledges from star ocean to shining slow motions of infinite-tiled destiny's child.

You will not emerge the same person you thought you were; you will not remember who you are; and you will see nothing except the hate you give little infants for not everything in Eden is made by the hand of God... such examples would be WEED$.

Oh hi! :) I'm just a janitor... call me... Snake.

I don't check this inbox often if even ever, but I do know... my father in heaven is Scorpion, and he's still here with me today. My part-brother Sub-Zero is out there somewhere too...

But my maker, my creator, my 'father's heaven's father' is God the almighty solo Lantern of AllWorld. And I know we are all eternal.

Welcome to AllWorld, the intersection of the multiverse, the fictionalized universes/universai, the hyperverse, the quantumverse, the allverse, and all and all and all in the place in which all worlds collide in which we call this the knowns, unknowns, and all givens knowned: The Omniverse.

So who are you again? Oh... a kage you say? Oh... you're a Naruto type?... Oh bro! You say you're Goku just waiting to go super saiyan?... Bro...

God made me mystic.

Do I look like Android X to you? ;)


*Q mortal kombat music*



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Lucky Robin

K. Tran as depicted with his real AllWorld superpowers and all.